HDO Box APK Download on Android [Mod/Ad-Free]

HDO Box APK is not a rebirth nor a fork of any old movie apps. It is a brand new mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. It means that you can just download the app and enjoy the same features on both iOS and android platforms. Let’s read the detailed guide to install hdo box on iOS devices.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to install hdo box apk on android devices. We will also discuss the best methods to use the app to get the most out of it. If you have an android smartphone or tablet and reading this page, you can stick to this article.

Otherwise, you may go to the navigation menu and select the page based on your device. Okay, sit tight and read this post to know the advantages, features including the guide to install the app.

HDO Box APK Features | Highlights

1. Informative Home Screen

The home screen of the hdo box android app has everything you would love to watch. A beautiful carousel with top 5 trending movies and shows will be scrolling to left from right at the bottom of the app.

Then, you will see all the trending content. Swipe right to explore a lot of new movies and tv shows just like that. On the other hand, you can watch “Airing Today” content right below that section.

2. Bookmarks to Award Winning Movies & TV Shows

HDO Box on your android phone shows all the top rated movies. By using those bookmarks, you can directly land on the official content landmarks to watch them.

It shows you all the top movies in the current year and previous year. Right below that section, you can see the highly trending tv shows.

3. Smart Suggestions

You will see all the great shows and movies in combination under “You Should Watch” section. There, you can pick up any show or a film and start streaming the same on your phone.

Top IMDB is yet another great section where you can see the qualified movies and shows. Sorting out the movies based on the IMDB rating is yet another impressive feature of HDO Box Android App.

4. Most Wanted & Coming Soon

These two are distinct sections under which you will see the most searched and upcoming flicks. The same thing again, swipe to left from the right of the screen under those sections to explore.

Open any one show or movie from that list and hit “Play” option to start streaming the content. Otherwise, you can easily get the complete information about that show or movie by watching the trailer.

5. Favorites & Watchlist

Now, it is super easy to add all your favorite shows and movies to a separate watchlist. That particular watchlist can hold up thousands of bookmarks to your favorite content.

You may open up the watchlist and tap on any one of them to get the info and content. This is super easy because there is not point in leaving behind.

6. Best Filters

HDO Box APK has a lot of useful filters using which you can find out any movie or a show. Some of those popular filters are Super Hero, Crime, Fantasy, Top Rated, Upcoming, Now Playing, Popular.

On the other hand, you can filter the movies and shows by using the genres. Some of the genres that you can get content from are namely Action, Adventure, Music, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, War, Western, Drama, Family, etc.

7. Send Feedback

You can send your feedback about the app directly to the developers of the app. Go to Settings and tap “Feedback” option on your phone.

Gmail app opens up with the developer email id under “Send to” field. You can see some basic information in the mail template such as “Subject of the feedback”, “My Problem is” section inside the body of the email.

Fill in your comments, problems, errors, issues and complaints and send them.

8. Setup Real Debrid

It is super easy to setup the real debrid account inside the app. By setting up the real debrid inside the app, you will be able to fetch the best and working links to the shows and movies.

You don’t need to wait for the links while they are getting resolved. Opt for “Auto Play” option under settings to start watching the best quality content with Real Debrid.

HDO Box APK Free Download for Android Devices

The developers of the app have tried at lot to get the app into google play store. But they haven’t succeeded yet with google play store. Never worry guys! you can download the apk file from below link.

   HDO Box Download

Guys! download hdo box apk ad free version from the above page and then, follow the below tips. But please make sure that the apk file is perfectly downloaded before you start installing it.

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Install HDO Box MOD APK on Android Phone & Tablet

Installation of the app is not as easy as it sounds to you. You need to make sure that everything is up and perfect with respect to unknown sources on your device. Let’s go through the steps one by one.

  • Search for the “Settings” app on your android phone or tablet.

phone settings for hdobox android

  • Once it is opened up, search for “Install Unknown Apps” or “Unknown Sources” by using the search bar.

install unknown apps

  • Select the option from the search results and scroll down till the highlighted option.
  • Tap on it and select “Chrome” app.

hdo box for android

  • Turn on “Allow from this source” option under Google Chrome web browser.
  • Actually, the above steps are based on OnePlus smartphones. The above steps are almost same on other smartphones as well.
  • Minimize the settings and swipe down from the top of the screen of your phone.
  • Scroll down the notification area and tap “hdo-relese-1.6.apk” from the list.
  • Otherwise, you can go to “Downloads” section of the google chrome web browser.

hdo box apk for android

  • Hit “Install” and sit calm while hdo box mod on android is getting installed.

hdo box apk free download

  • At the end of the process, you should hit either “Open” option to keep it open. Or, you can go with “Done” option to close the wizard.

The app is successfully added to your smartphone. You can launch it and start watching the latest or trending shows, movies. If you need help, check out the below section.

How To Use HDO Box on Android Devices?

We have mentioned each and every feature of the app at the top of the page. Now it’s your time to use all of them to achieve the best experience of watching your favorite movies and shows. Let’s explore them with us.

  • Launch HDO Box app on android device and make sure that your device is connected to internet.

hdo box on android

  • Once the app is loaded perfectly, you can just scroll down from the top of the screen to get the content suggestions.
  • Stop somewhere and select any movie.
  • Hit on “Trailer” option to watch the trailer of that movie.
  • Click on “+ My List” option to add that to your watch list and it will be marked as your favorite.
  • Read the basic information available right below the “Play” button about the movie.
  • Scroll a little down to see the suggestions under “You may also like” section.
  • Pick up the season from the drop down menu to navigate to the different seasons of that particular tv show or a movie.
  • Once you are at the screen where you are getting the links to the the show or movie, select any link to watch it with the default HDO Video Player.

You can also get the shows and movies based on the cast and crew. We leave this feature without discussing because we want you to explore the app.

Conclusion – HDO Box APK Free Download for Android Devices

CucoTV on Android devices makes your day more special and cherished. It helps you get entertained and relaxed with your favorite shows and movies. Just follow the tips shared on this page and install hdo box mod apk on your android phone. Let us know your personal usage experience about the app through comments below this page.

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